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In the grand scheme of Boston music rock ’n’ roll (post-folk, pre Bosstown sound) in the early to mid 60’s, the Rockin’ Ramrods ruled the local music scene. Their pure and joyful early hard rock ’n’ roll sound and intense two minute pop recordings blasted over AM radio and packed thousands into Bill Spence’s famed Surf Ballrooms on the north and South shores of Massachusetts. They teetered on national success (epitomized by their 1965 tour with the Rolling Stones), then faded from popularity as the group splintered and new trends in pop music emerged. Yet they have retained a worldwide cult following that has lasted 40 years.  —Alan Lorber

The original 1965 recording of Bright Lit Blue Skies, as well as all of the albums below, are now available on iTunes

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The Rockin’ Ramrods 1965: (clockwise from left) Bob Henderson, Vin Campisi, Ronn Campisi, Lenny Cirelli


The Rockin’ Ramrods 1966: (from left) Vin Campisi, Ronn Campisi, Bob Henderson, Lenny Cirelli

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