Vin Campisi

Bill Linnane

Bob Blake

Butch Holmes

Vin Campisi

Bill Linnane

Ronn Campisi

Bob Henderson

Vin Campisi

Vin Campisi

Vin Campisi

Scott Curtis

Ronn Campisi

Bob Henderson

Lenny Cirelli

Ronn Campisi

Bob Henderson

Jim Mandell

David Ryan

Bob Henderson

  1. 1.Jungle Call

  2. 2.Indian Giver

  3. 3.I’ll Be On My Way

  4. 4.I Wanna Be Your Man

  5. 5.She Lied

  6. 6.The Girl Can’t Help It

  1. 7.Play It

  2. 8.Got My Mojo Workin’

  3. 9.Don’t Fool With FuManChu

  4. 10.Wild About You

  5. 11.Tears Melt The Stones

  6. 12.Can’t You See

  7. 13.Willie’s Plastic People Factory

  1. 14.Bright Lit Blue Skies

  2. 15.Mr. Wind

  3. 16.Flowers In My Mind

  4. 17.Mary Mary

  5. 18.Waiting Patiently

  6. 19.You’re Gonna Be My Girl

  7. 20.This Is Your Song

  1. 21.Dead Thoughts of Alfred

  2. 22.Rainy day

  3. 23.Vacuum

  4. 24.Walk Upon the Water

  5. 25.Who Do You Think You Are

  6. 26.Of Not Being Able To Sleep

  7. 27.When I Wake Up In The Morning

  8. 28.Trees

  9. 29.It’s My Way

  10. 30.I Sure Need You

  11. 31.Go With You

  12. 32.Changes

  13. 33.Looking In My Window


The group, originally called the Ramrods Four, was created and started by Bill Linnane, who was largely responsible for their early guitar-driven, hard-rock sound in songs like “She Lied,” which he co-wrote with Ronn Campisi. He left the group in 1964.

In 1965, the band was signed by producer Frank Slay, and Scott Curtis was added as a keyboard player. The sound of the band became more centered around the organ, piano, and rhythm guitar. The songs, many supplied by Frank Slay, tended to be pop-oriented novelties.

In the summer of 1965 the band toured nationally with the Kingsmen (“Louie Louie”). Scott left the band at the end of the tour and was replaced by Lenny Cirelli.

In the fall of 1965 the Rockin’ Ramrods toured with the Rolling Stones throughout North America. Ronn Campisi began writing and producing the band’s music.

In 1968, after being signed by producer Alan Lorber, the group’s album, written by Ronn, was released on the MGM label under their new name, Puff. The sound of the group changed dramatically. It was softer, more experimental, and for the first time introduced jazz, blues, and classical themes into the music.

They continued playing for at least two years, after which Jim Mandell left the group, and was replaced by Danny McBride, and the name was changed back to The Ramrods.

In 1971, Ronn Campisi put together a group, solely for the purpose of recording, consisting of Vin Campisi, Danny McBride, Glenn Jordan, and Stu Kassner. Bob Henderson was the recording engineer. The music from these sessions is also now available on iTunes.

  1. 34.My Vision has Cleared

  2. 35.I Don’t Want To I Will

  3. 36.Buckle Down

  4. 37.The List

  5. 38.How Can I Get You

  6. 39.Baby Baby

  7. 40.Troubles

  8. 41.Lady Lost

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